Mittelalterliche Geschichte und Historische Hilfswissenschaften



2007-2014 University of Freiburg i. Br., History, English, Degree: 1st State Examination

2009-2010 University of Durham (UK), History

Professional Experience

2008-2009 Assistant in the administration at the University of Freiburg

2011 Personal assistant to the referent for University funding at the administration of the University of Freiburg

2012-2013 Research assistant at the University of Freiburg English Department (Chair of Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik)

as of January 2015 Scientific Assistant at the History Department of the University of Kiel (Chair of Prof. Dr. Andreas Bihrer) in the DFG funded project „Holy heroes – heroic saints. Interdependency, integration and transformation of discourses on model conceptions in early and high medieval Scandinavia"