Mittelalterliche Geschichte und Historische Hilfswissenschaften

Top 3 Sources

Here you can find some of the most important sources to saints, sanctity and hagiography online available:

Patrologia Latina

Commentary: some links are broken

Type: Database of the Patrologia Latina (source)

Era: Late Antiquity; Early Middle Ages; High Middle Ages

Author: Jacques Paul Migne

Last Updated: 09.08.2012

Language: english, latin


The ORB for Medieval Studies

Commentary: sorted by period and topic; has got primary sources and secondary literature; very extensive

Type: Bibliography

Era: Late Antiquity; Early Middle Ages; High Middle Ages; Late Middle Ages

Author: Kathryn Talarico

Last Updated: 10.11.2002

Language: english


Walters Ex Libris

Commentary: has got scans of various manuscripts; can be searched by various terms like for example type, century, culture

Type: Database of sources

Era: Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Early Modern Era, Modern Era, Present

Author: Walters Art Museum

Last Updated: 

Language: english