Office hours during the holidays


Professor Bihrer

Professor Bihrer offers vacation consultation hours (LS8, R. 105).

Please register for an appointment in the OpenOlat course " Sprechstunde von Professor Bihrer" under the following link: : Thank you!


Philipp Frey

following agreement by e-mail


Janina Lillge

Regular consultation hours apply until the end of July.

More vacation consultation hours:
Monday, 19 August 2024, 11-12am und 2-3pm
Wednesday, 28 August 2024,11-12am und 2-3pm
Tuesday, 17 September 2024,11-12am und 2-3pm

Register on OLAT 'Janina Lillge - Sprechstunde'.


Patrick Nehr-Baseler

following agreement by e-mail


Tabea Wittorf

following agreement by e-mail




The office is closed from 19 july 2024  to 14 august 2024.