Research interests


England and the continent during the Early and High Middle Ages

  • History of the Anglo-Saxons

  • Contacts between England and the continent in the Early Middle Ages

  • England’s literary culture in the 12th and 13th century


History of communication in the pre-modern era

  • Historiography

  • Early medieval hagiography and biography in Western Europe

  • Latin poetry of the Italian renaissance

  • Cultural history of writing

  • Fictionality and factuality

  • Re-writing and re-using texts, wording and editorials

  • Editorial theory

  • Study of historical images and intermediality


Habitus and practices in the Middle Ages

  • Heroes and saints during the Early and High Middle Ages

  • Migrants and expatriates

  • Literarisation of experiences of exile in the Middle Ages and humanism

  • Conspirators and assassins

  • Reform's losers 


Ecclesiastical princes and the secular clergy

  • Ecclesiastical princes in the Empire

  • Bishops’ courts

  • Bishop, court, dioceses and territories

  • Collegiate churches

  • Education, literature and art surrounding secular clerics

  • Historiography of dioceses


The court and the city

  • Courts and residences in the Late Middle Ages and early modern era

  • Group formation at the court and in the city

  • Representation and life forms of nobility and the patricians / patron saints


The Reformation

  • The Reformation from the orthodox perspective

  • Ecclesiastical historiography about the Reformation